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Protect your players with an infection control program

"Later that day on the flight back to Houston, one of the team doctors told me that if our trainer hadn’t recognized my staph infection so quickly, I could have lost my leg."

- JJ Watt, Houston Texans 2015

Dewy Stadium Seats at Sunrise


Athletic facilities know first hand that germs spread fast. Crowded athletic facilities can have objects contaminated with bacteria that lasts hours, weeks or even months and these high exposure areas can create a breeding ground for bacteria and infections to grow and spread. Commonly contaminated surfaces at athletic facilities include:

Entry & Exit Points 

​Door handles & Faucets

Tables & Countertops

Chairs & Benches

Public & Private Bathrooms

Locker Rooms

Concession Stands

Team Buses


A single outbreak can have a significant impact on all parts of your athletic program. In an ultra-competitive landscape, infection and illness can derail a season, creating ripple effects for years to come. Preventable things such as illness or infection can and should be taken seriously. By adding KLEAN solutions to your already robust cleaning and infection control protocols, these programs can mitigate the potential fallout of widespread illness.

Basketball Dunk
Player Availability

Asset Utilization

An injured or ill player will have a direct impact on far more than just on-field production as a single loss can negatively affect a program for years to come.

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Trust is Paramount

A player’s trust in an organization is paramount to success. By taking a proactive approach to infection control, organizations continue to build trust by proving player health and safety is a priority.

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Bottom Line

Financial Impact

Player availability and reputation can have a negative financial impact as they are directly tied to attendance. Falling attendance leads to less  ticket and  merchandise sales.


Our one of a kind protection products can be used together to keep your athletes, staff and fans healthy. Advantages of adding KLEAN solutions to your athletic program's current infection control program include:


  • Provide a safer, healthier environment for players, staff and fans

  • Improve overall player, staff and community satisfaction

  • Increase player & staff retention and attract top talent

  • Be seen as a leader in bacterial protection

  • A healthy team yields a healthy bottom line

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