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Minimize health risks to students, staff and visitors

High School Students

One student can potentially infect 60+ students and staff with one viral transmission producing 20,000 RNA copies.​

-Dr. Walter Bishop, Wake Forest


Whatever your destination, your success relies on a good reputation. You want to be somewhere guests dream of going, or love to frequent, and one outbreak can bring unwanted attention to your business and have long-term effects on your bottom line. 

With a high volume of foot traffic and often close quarters, infection spread is common and can spread quickly which is bad for business. With the rapid evolution of information access, the hospitality industry has to be more proactive than ever in not only improving upon their current infection control strategies, but finding a solution to prevent it. Prevention is key. 



Schools know first hand that germs spread quickly. In fact, the NY Health Department found school-age children are among the first to get sick during flu season.


Crowded schools and buses results in contaminated objects and bacterial spread. Commonly contaminated surfaces include entry/exit points, door handles, faucets, chairs, desks, computers, trays, vending machines, bus windows, bus handrails and bus seats. 

Commonly spread infections at schools include:

The Common Cold

Strep Throat

Pink Eye


Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.




Unlike popular solutions that stop working the moment they dry, KLEAN solutions active barrier continues to protect students and staff for 90 days after treatment; offering a newfound peace of mind for the school community. 

KLEAN's chemical-free, alcohol-free, water-based solution is completely safe for occupants and visitors of the school. KLEAN solutions are EPA approved and meet FDA standards.


KLEAN's Infection Control Program empowers you to take a proactive approach to fighting bacterial spread. For maximum results, we recommend the following strategy centered on prevention.

  • Surface Protection. Apply KLEAN's surface protection to all exposed surfaces (school and buses) 4x year for annual protection.

  • Hand Protection. Provide KLEAN's hand solution to students, staff and visitors at all touchpoints through wall units, standing dispensers and individual bottles. 

  • Fabric Protection. Utilize KLEAN's fabric solution on all laundered items such as uniforms, towels, etc. 

School Bus


  • Provide a safer, healthier environment for students, staff and parents

  • Decrease student absenteeism, resulting in increased cash flow

  • Decrease teacher absenteeism, resulting in savings on substitute teachers

  • Improve student, parent and faculty overall satisfaction

  • Boost your reputation in the community

  • Increase faculty retention and attract top talent

  • Be a leader in bacterial protection

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