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Hurricane Harvey left over 300,000 homes & businesses in southeastern Texas under bacteria laiden waters; causing a mold pandemic.



When a structure has water damage, mold starts to grow within 24-48 hours of exposure. Posing an imminent threat, mold  became a top concern for many Houstonians.

KLEAN products were used for mold treatment in 60+ residential and commercial structures. All treated structures yielded a 100% passing grade on their Clearance test, the very first time. Each home treated with KLEAN received a Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation (CMDR), which helps the owner to secure their insurance claim and sell the property. 


The floodwaters Harvey left were contaminated by sewage; exposing structures and homes to high levels of dangerous bacteria. 

KLEAN products were used to treat a home that was exposed to sewage. Post-treatment, the floor near the sewer earned an ATP rating of 3. To put that into perspective, surgical rooms must have an ATP rating of 10 or less. 

Rick Alspaugh, Business Owner

“KLEAN executives and their crew came to our store and explained the science and benefits of their KLEAN solutions. They treated the entire store, attic to slab, according to protocol, two times. The results were conclusive. We received our Certificate of Mold Remediation (CMDR) after the first Clearance. Our store is more than clean. It is hygienically safe for our customers and employees. Our store is now ready for its third treatment. Peace of mind.“


John McDavid, Homeowner

“My home was severely flooded by Hurricane Harvey in August of 2017. My wife and I escaped with few belongings in a rescue boat. Within a week, a team from KLEAN arrived and started preparations for their three-step protocol. They worked with me every step of the way. They explained their process clearly and treated my home with the Molecule a few days later. I received my Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation (CMDR) within a month, right after the second treatment and all the demolition had been done. After the first treatment, the horrible smell associated with flood waters was greatly diminished! I have just had my third treatment after all remodeling and painting was completed. All the cabinets, walls, flooring, appliances, furniture, doors, AC, everything had to be replaced. My wife and I had the home treated again 6 months later to continue the unique barrier.“

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