Mold can lead to serious illness and those exposed are often unaware of it's presence. 


Raised risk of a variety of respiratory related health outcomes due to building dampness and mold. 


Approximate number of people with asthma in the U.S. who's cases are attributed to dampness and mold exposure.


Mold concentrates in homes, schools and businesses. Any water damage to the structure (leaks in roof/sinks/showers, flooding) accelerates the growth and spread of over 2,000 variations of mold and fungi.  In addition to causing structure damage, the existence of mold can pose serious health risks for occupants.

KLEAN solutions provide a modern approach to fighting mold, once and for all. We've developed two cutting-edge products that work together to eliminate and protect against mold spores, bacteria, fungi, mildew and algae. And our proven process does more than just kill mold on contact. It residually protects treated surfaces from pathogens; providing our customers with a clean livable environment.


Protex90 DP

Protex90 DP stops the growth of mold and the spread of spores. Unlike today's mold remediation solutions, Protex90 DP provides residual, targeted protection against future mold threats. 



Protex90 is a post-disinfectant protectant that forms a barrier on treated porous and non-porous; providing a minimum of 90 days of bacterial protection.


We recommend a simple 3-step approach that will not only eliminate mold, but will stop the growth and spread of mold spore by forming a protective barrier on the treated services, offering long-lasting protection against future threats.  

Pre-demolition, we address the immediate air quality risk to occupants and demo crews by reducing airborn contaminants to ensure the air is safe to breathe. Post demolition, we eliminate the existing threat of mold and coat the surface with a protective barrier. Post reconstruction, we coat all porous and non-porous surfaces with the same protective barrier to ensure complete, residual protection against future threats.

Please note, all mold applications are performed by licensed KLEAN company applicators.  Houston area only.

Stage One


Applied pre-demolition, this process of application is designed for an aerial interaction with spores, hyphae, mycelial fragments, etc. It instantly reduces aerial bio-contaminant exposure and improves air quality for occupants and workers. Additional protection to items/surfaces will organically occur during the remediation process. 

Professionally applied using a fogging system.

Stage Two


Applied post-demolition, this process

of application is intended for a complete elimination of mold within the affected and non-affected areas. This not only prevents the growth of mold, but acts as a barrier that will help protect the structure from future outbreaks.

Professionally applied using a fogging system.

Stage Three


Applied post-reconstruction and prior to returning to occupy the space, this process of application provides a complete layer of protection on all porous and non-porous surfaces. This creates a non-chemical defense which inhibits opportunistic pathogens such as mold, mildew, fungi, algae, odor and  stain causing bacteria. This barrier has proven to effectively protect against bacteria for a minimum of 90 days.

Professionally applied using a fogging system.

"I have severe COPD. I carry my oxygen unit everywhere. One application of Protex90 was used in my home. I had dampness in my finished basement, and it had mold. My house now smells better, the mold is gone, and most importantly, I no longer carry my oxygen unit around in my home. I now have a safe place where I can breathe without supplemental oxygen."

-Don Moorhead,Protex90 Residential Customer


The KLEAN company's priority is improving overall health across the globe. Our mission is to protect business and home owners from existing and future bacterial/mold threats and provide them with a truly clean, healthy environment. 


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