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Preventative protection against bacteria spread

Hospital Bed

"We have been using KLEAN products in our hospital as well as the senior living and childcare center since 2018 as an adjunct to our other infection prevention efforts to help us stop the spread of infection and illness. Since using KLEAN we did see a decrease in the number of flu and norovirus cases.”  


- Karen Renson, Sr. VP of Quality & Safety, Holy Redeemer Hospital

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Hospitals act as a revolving door for bacteria, which makes minimizing spread extremely challenging.  Healthcare facilities regularly have outbreaks of influenza and norovirus, affecting both patients and staff.  Superbugs are on the rise and current disinfectants have reached their evolutionary peak of potency and aren't as effective.


Popular disinfectants are effective but STOP working when they dry. They leave your patients and staff vulnerable to infections and illness. This means even with current protocols, surfaces in waiting rooms, exam rooms, nursing stations and offices could be harboring contaminated objects that are spreading bacteria for hours, weeks and months. 


Patients and staff are constantly exposed to bacteria and spores during their visit and day.

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Check-In &

Waiting Room

  • Door handles

  • Light switches

  • Stair Railings

  • Chairs

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hospital exam room.png

Exam Rooms

  • Exam tables

  • Chairs

  • Light switches

  • Special equipment

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  • Door handles

  • Toilet handles

  • Countertops

  • Sink faucets

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nursse station.png

Nurse Stations

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Trays

  • Vending machines

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  • Seats

  • Windows

  • Handrails

  • Floors


KLEAN's President almost lost his father to an avoidable HAI, so we understand the risk and reducing it is personal. Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) pose a real and dangerous threat to patients, but they shouldn't have to.

  • 1.7 Million patients acquire HAI's in U.S. hospitals every year (CDC)

  • 1 in 25 patients will acquire an HAI during their hospital stay (CDC)

  • 90,000 patients die each year as a result of an HAI (CDC)

In addition to patient risk, HAIs are costly for hospitals. Based on CDC estimations, Direct costs of HAI's to hospitals is between $28B-$45B (NIH); breaking down to roughly $6.8 M of annual non-reimbursable expenses per hospital. These high costs are unsustainable and approaching a true breaking point. 

Young woman patient lying at hospital be


A single outbreak can have a significant impact on all parts of your healthcare facility. Minimize your risk with an infection control strategy centered on prevention. Our company delivers one of a kind protection against the spread of bacteria and spores, using our innovative solution, KLEAN's surface solution. KLEAN uses chemical-free, non-toxic, EPA approved, water-based solutions that can be applied to surfaces, skin and fabric to create an active barrier that kills bacteria and mold on contact for an extended period of time.

The KLEAN Company's surface protectant was tested in an active 600,000 square foot hospital.  Quantified test results from 99 samples yielded the following results:

Prior to KLEAN treatment, cleaned with disinfectants: Pathogens were detected at 68% of sampling sites

Post KLEAN treatment 60 days later with normal cleaning: Pathogens were detected at 13% of sampling sites; yielding an 81% net improvement.

See how KLEAN' surface solution can help your patients, staff and bottom line.

87% of sampling sites completely free of microorganisms




A single outbreak can have a significant impact on all parts of your healthcare facility. Minimize your risk with an infection control strategy centered on prevention.

  • Provide a safer, healthier environment for patients, staff and visitors

  • Decrease staff absenteeism due to sick leave

  • Improve patient, staff and visitor overall satisfaction

  • Boost your reputation in the community

  • Increase staff retention and attract top talent

  • Be a leader in bacterial protection

Nursing Home

What is most appealing to us is that KLEAN not only provides a barrier and protects you from germs, but actively and continually kills the germs. It keeps us and our people safe.

National Community Leader & Advocate

The KLEAN company has been treating over 250,000 square feet in our facilities since 2018 and we could not be happier. We feel confident that we have the best solution to stay safe.

Board Member of a Large Commercial Business 

We have a responsibility to control the spread of pathogens in our company and after rigorous research and testing our Chief Medical Officer determined that KLEAN's solution was the one and only solution that met our requirements.

USA Health, Safety & Environment Director of a Global Manufacturing Company

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